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Tax exemption for a long period of time increases even more the desire to move to Portugal
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The desire to settle in the country becomes even greater when you have a package of tax benefits offered by the government, so that you can invest in Portuguese lands and financial transactions take place. Even if your choice is for the non-habitual residence system, it is still possible to benefit from the package of reduced tax rates and exemption for income from outside Portugal, for investors who meet the deadlines stipulated for this investment alternative.
Whether for investment portfolio diversification or for staying in old world lands, Portugal has become a destination option for all those who want to generate a real change of style, along with an increase in the quality of life.
The French remain at the top of the ranking of those responsible for the largest foreign investments in Portugal, followed by the British, Brazilians and Chinese. With low annual interest rates and less bureaucratic financing, the purchase of real estate is one of the preferred investments to enjoy tax benefits and obtain a visa.
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