Approval of Foreign Judgments

Whatever your foreign judgment may be, obtain approval in Portugal with peace of mind, thus enjoying all your rights.
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The procedure for homologation of foreign judgments in Portugal is a necessary action for decisions taken in foreign countries to be nationally recognized, thus being able to be legitimized in Portuguese territory. With the correct presentation of the necessary documentation for the processing of the process and appropriate follow-up, the process will run smoothly.
The most common processes are actions to review the divorce sentence, if the spouses have divorced in a country other than Portugal, and actions to review the adoption sentence, not excluding the review of all types of processes.
Advocacy is indispensable for the matter to be followed up in a competent court, so that it can be judged. Without the issue being judged and confirmed by the competent national system, no foreign decision will have value in Portuguese territory.
Whatever the sentence to be recognized, in order to enforce in Portugal the rights that have already been recognized by foreign courts, correct follow-up is of fundamental importance to obtain full success in the homologation.
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